Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Two miles, Two websites, Two runners, One challenge

Bruce: Judging by the title I am guessing that a massive over-reaction to a tiny glimmer of success is about to happen.
Tom: You might be right, I did have an excellent two mile tempo run on the rail trail 5:22, 5:16.
Bruce: And you are now going to explain to your brother and the five guys without jobs that read this site what plan you have decided to adopt to lead to your next massive injury.
Tom: You maybe right again, anyways I have decided to challenge Keith Kelly, www.kelrock.blogspot.com, to race a 5k against me at the Terrier Classic in Boston on January 24th. I figured if both of us are publicly committed to racing then it will provide me with a compelling reason to do everything possible to stay healthy by being prudent with my training until that time.
Bruce: Keith Kelly, wasn't he deported?
Tom: The situation was resolved.
Bruce: So what you are saying is that Tom McArdle, who has been training for 2 weeks, is challenging a guy that is on his eighth knee surgery to race him?
Tom: Yeah
Bruce: I am not sure where to begin with this one.
Tom: Alert the media?
Bruce: I will start with the New England Journal of Medicine.

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