Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cross training

Tom: So my achilles started giving me problems and I have been doing some cross training.
Bruce: That is a good idea it will make the transition back to 8 minutes runs much easier.
Tom: I am going to ignore that, anyways I have been lifting, dancing in bars, and playing a little basketball.
Bruce: Sounds like an good regime, I think a lot of frat guys follow a similar plan.
Tom: Hmm.. I had not thought of that.
Bruce: Yeah, do not worry, about half of the athletes in Beijing profiled on NBC shared a similar story. Most of them woke up covered in beer and decided to start training. A year later they were competing for gold.
Tom: I am not waking up in beer.
Bruce: There is a liquor store down the street, let's get to work.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The common cold

Bruce: Stay away from me.
Tom: Good to see you to. I did a light jog today since I have a bit of a head cold. My left achilles was bugging me even on the very short jog and I thought about turning around after a few minutes.
Bruce: I trust that you pressed on and ran all the way to 4 minute turn-around spot.
Tom: I made it to the 5 minute turn around point.
Bruce: So the oatmeal was a bit overdone this morning?
Tom: No, I picked it up on the way back, you could barely taste the burning.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Feeling good

Bruce: Did you see Keith's result at the Ras Ne Hearen?
Tom: Yeah, going to make hard to compete with his blog. I did pass two people on my run today.
Bruce: Were they going the other way?
Tom: Yeah, however, I did manage a 17 minute run without the calf bothering me. The problem should resolve entirely over the course of the next week and I should be back at full strength.
Bruce: Full strength? Overstatement?
Tom: Well, at least doing runs that take longer then the time it takes to boil oatmeal.
Bruce: That is an odd reference, have you been putting oatmeal on to boil before heading out for runs?
Tom: What is wrong with a 8 minute run and hot ready oatmeal at the end.
Bruce: Nothing, I will book the tickets for London in 2012, you start stockpiling oatmeal for the double days.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Bruce:(On phone) Where are you?
Tom: (also on phone) I am with a couple girls.
Bruce: Battlestar Galatica?
Tom: Nah, it is a rerun tonight.
Bruce: Who are the girls.
Tom: Blog Groupies
Bruce: They like the blog?
Tom: No
Bruce: Wait that sounds right, so you are actually with girls.
Tom: Surprising, I have been doing a lot of lifting recently.
Bruce: Huh, what does the fact that you do the assisted pullup machine every week has to do with girls?
Tom: Nothing just wanted to mention that I am lifting.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Take me back to the start

Tom: So I was back to my old loop today.
Bruce: What loop?
Tom: My one mile loop.
Bruce: You mean that you ran once around your block.
Tom: Yeah, the calf was a bit sore but made it through the run.
Bruce: Congrats, what other failures do you want to share with us today?
Tom: Well first of all the run was a success, but on the subject of failures I was eliminated from my moot court competition today.
Bruce: Were you eliminated via Rose Ceremony.
Tom: No, it went down a lot more like American Idol. Three judges telling me I am hack and me being consoled outside by a beautiful women.
Bruce: That a lie.
Tom: No I really was a hack.
Bruce: Yeah not quite the reference I was referring to.
Tom: Fine, there was no beautiful women, I thought you might let is slide considering I am posting on a running blog how my one mile did not go well.
Bruce: Fair and Balanced.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I miss running

Tom: I really miss running this weekend.
Bruce: Oh god, is this another sentimental blog post.
Tom: Yeah, however I have a great article to post.
Bruce: Alright just say you are sad because you strained your calf running 6 miles a week and post the article.
Tom: I am sad because I strained my calf running 9 Miles a week but here is an amazing article that explains why I love sports:

Friday, February 13, 2009

A rebuttal

Bruce: Didn't you just say you were too tired to write anymore.
Tom: I did but just read and Keith called out this blog and me personally for being uncool.
Bruce: Do you want me to call INS on him?
Tom: Nah, but we need a strong rebuttal to prove this blog's superiority. He had an interview with Martin Fagan on his blog.
Bruce: So what is the plan?
Tom: We could do a Bruce Hyde interview.
Bruce: Can't be worse than the usual content on this blog
Tom: Alright question 1#: How has your training been going since your last race?
Bruce: That is a stupid question. We are not going to be able to compete with Keith's blog if we talk about running.
Tom: True, alright new question 1# If you and Martin Fagan (weighing in close at close to 140 lbs) jumped out a plane which one of you would reach terminal velocity first?
Bruce: You are an ass.
Tom: Question 2# If you and Martin Fagan were to compete in a battle of the cover bands competition infront of drunk townies who would get more cat calls from the 40 year women?
Bruce: This interview is over.
Tom: I present to you the indomitable Bruce Hyde....This is the greatest blog in the world..... Except for maybe this one....

A calf strain

Bruce: How did you strain your calf? You are hardly even running.
Tom: I did calf raises and the next day my upper left calf was sore. It is the same spot but the other side as the previous calf strain. I am going to rest for a few days.
Bruce: How many calf raises did you do?
Tom: About 30.
Bruce: Sounds about right.
Tom: Too tired to write today.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What are you so dressed up for?

Bruce: Nice suit, what are you interviewing for a job?
Tom: Nope, I am involved in a moot court competition.
Bruce: Is that some kind of class?
Tom: No, you do not get any credit.
Bruce: So do you get paid?
Tom: No, there is a prize if you win but that is unlikely.
Bruce: So the Law School made you do it?
Tom: No, I choose to do it.
Bruce: Congrats I will have to take you out to celebrate.
Tom: Thanks
Bruce: Only the place we will go does not serve drinks and no else really goes there and I am busy that night so I cannot make it .
Tom: So what is the point?
Bruce: Exactly.
Tom: Ahhh... another valuable life lesson. I ran 24 minutes today and my left calf was tight but the beautiful weather made it a nice run.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Bruce: I was out on Saturday and meet a few people that thought your blog was terrible.
Tom: Easy to criticize my blog when you do not have a blog of your own.
Bruce: Actually they had a blog as well.
Tom: Is it better than this blog?
Bruce: Actually, it is worse.
Tom: That is surprising. Especially for you to say that.
Bruce: Hearing stories of your trying to run 8 minutes only to fail due to a severe case of Lupus is interesting relative to their blog.
Tom: Well, I managed a 23 minute run today and the Lupus is in remission. So things are looking up. What was the blog's name?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Patriot Act

Tom: I just got off the phone with my bank who told me that the delay in cashing my check is due to it being investigated pursuant to the Patriot Act.
Bruce: Is the check from a Nigerian prince that is being held captive?
Tom: No, those Nigerian Prince emails are scams. The check I cashed came from a lottery in Antigua that I won. The funny thing is that I do not even entering the lottery, it was a good thing the commissioner sent me an email informing me of my win.
Bruce: Wow, congratulations. Just to be clear, what parts of the story above are made-up?
Tom: Patriot act investigation true, Antigua lottery false.
Bruce: Well at least you got a check even if you do end up it Gitmo.
Tom: Yup, it made my 20 minute run yesterday all that much sweeter. Unfortunately I am so sore from lifting two days ago that I have to take today off lifting. Great 90 minute basketball game as well last night, the body is improving.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I am so academic

Bruce: What is wrong with Tom McArdle today?
Bruce: What is that?
Tom: Gobbledigook.
Bruce: Nice.
Tom: 18 minute run today. I am kind of busy so here is a video instead of my ramblings.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Vegan Protein Power

Tom: In the spirit of my attempt at becoming more muscular I bought some vegan protein powder.
Bruce: Are you trying to secure a spot on the PETA bodybuilding calender?
Tom: I have been diligently hitting the gym but I think some of the equipment is broken. I was using the assisted pullup machine and I had to add 130 pounds of assistance to do five pullups.
Bruce: So you have the strength of a 30 pound person or as they are commonly referred to toddler.
Tom: Yeah, well this toddler is getting stronger thanks to pure protein power of peas.
Bruce: Funny, I think a lot of toddler use mashed up peas as a source of power.
Tom: Yeah they don't taste great though.
Bruce: Lots of toddler have that problem as well.
Tom: Funny, running is going fine. I ran 17 minutes yesterday and skied three times this weekend.