Monday, November 10, 2008

90% of my runs serve a different purpose than Bruce's songs

Bruce: Read this:
Tom: Cut it out, this blog is supposed to be about me.
Bruce: Yeah that would explain why all the hits are coming from guys.
Tom: The hit tracker does not keep a record of whether the hits are coming from males or females.
Bruce: It is a running log that discusses your occasional 20 minute runs. I think it is safe to say that the hits are coming from guys.
Tom: True.
Bruce: So you want to say anything?
Tom: I had a solid 47 minute run today on the rail trail. I am thinking of doing a light workout tomorrow.


Owen said...

I'm not sure Bruce should be making too many jokes about the male attraction to Tom McArdle, given the picture of Bruce and his buddy in that article.

Alison said...

Just for the record, you have at least one reader who is female.

cch said...

i read this too, and you don't even know me!