Thursday, November 20, 2008


Tom: So I have diagnosed the problem in the left knee as ridicuritus.
Bruce: What is ridicuritus?
Tom: Well, there is a bit of a story behind ridicuritus.
Bruce: Never mind, I do not want to hear the story.
Tom: Well maybe the readers want to hear the story.
Bruce: No I talked to your brother today and he is not interested.
Tom: So the story... When I was a Nike Athlete.
Bruce: In the mid-80s
Tom: I went to a training camp in Park City.
Bruce: As the team driver.
Tom: Quiet, anyways I got hurt and I went to see a doctor about my problem. My friend Mark had commented on how I was always suffering from these made-up injuries. (He is no longer my friend) The doctor said I was suffering from ridicuritis. When I told Mark about the injury, he pointed out that the ailment is likely just the pathological expression of the word ridiculous and that all my problems had just been ridicuritus.
Bruce: Was that supposed to be funny or just pathetic.
Tom: Funny, how did it come off?
Bruce: Pathetic.

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