Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fake M&A, Fake Basketball, Fake Runner

Bruce: You seem a bit restless
Tom: I had planned on running today but decided to take a day off today since had a Merger and Acquisitions seminar that I wanted to go to and a game of basketball in the evening. I figured I needed to take one more day off to be safe and it seemed like a good day.
Bruce: Shouldn't you be playing basketball then?
Tom: They canceled the game, so now I have a day with no exercise which does not sit well with me.
Bruce: Sucks, dude.
Tom: The good news is as a fake music fan as well, I started listening to MGMT today and found some good positive energy from their music.
Bruce: Considering that you are six years behind in your running, the fact that you are only one year behind in your music makes you a better music fan than runner.
Tom: Thanks.

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Kelrock said...

When I think of you listening to MGMT I immediately think of Creed CO and your roommate who was trying to steal my car and listened to "Kids" on repeat for hours.....