Thursday, November 27, 2008

A single gay prostitute

Tom: I had a great run along the Fenway for 42 minutes. Everything in its right place.
Bruce: Tell us the story then...
Tom: What story?
Bruce: Come on, you know that nobody is interested in the fact that you managed to run. They would not have read past the word "great" if not for the fact that they thought the blog post had a story about gay prostitution.
Tom: There are some people interested in my running.
Bruce: Just tell the story...
Tom: Well my run today took me past the part of Boston where the gay prostitutes hang out. When I ran by the spot, there was just one gay prostitute standing around smoking a cigarette looking quite sad.
Bruce: And..
Tom: Well that is it.
Bruce: I think I speak for everyone that actually decided to read this blog today when I say... that was a horrible story and I hate you.
Tom: Happy thanksgiving.

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