Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This is what is wrong with Tom McArdle

Bruce: Alright I could not find Tom, so I am posting as I have enough material today to fulfill the mission statement of the website of what is wrong with Tom McArdle. These were my observation this afternoon:

2:30pm: I see Tom walking home rubbing the side of leg mumbling to himself. Everyone walking the other way keeps a large distance between them and him.

2:45pm: Tom emerges from his house and starts running backwards up and down the street in some odd warm-up ritual. He is still talking to himself. A creepy old guy walking by keeps his distance.

2:46pm: Tom stops running backwards and walk inside the house. The leg rubbing has re-started and he is still talking to himself. I keep my distance from him.

3:00pm: Tom, wearing street clothes, re-appears from his house eating cheesecake.

From my observation I have drawn the following conclusions:

1. His left knee is bothering him.
2. His roommate will be quite disappointed when he returns home looking forward to the cheesecake that he had kept in the fridge.
3. The correct answer to the question what is wrong with Tom McArdle is everything.