Saturday, November 8, 2008

A New Low...

Bruce: Oh man, I have a story for you.
Tom: [In another room] Hey get off my blog.
Bruce: The public wants to know.
Tom: Come on, this is a running blog.
Bruce: Just answer the questions, first of all what happened last night?
Tom: Well my blog got audited.
Bruce: And what were the results of the audit?
Tom: Well it turns out that one of my posts on the blog was a bit misleading.
Bruce: In what regards?
Tom: You already know the story.
Bruce: Just keep answering the questions.
Tom: Well in an earlier post I had mentioned that I went on a dinner date with my usual lunch companion.
Bruce: And?
Tom: Well it turns out that person audited the blog and wanted a retraction saying that it was just a friendly dinner and not a date at all.
Bruce: [Laughing]
Tom: So I ran the story by my publicist, who described the event as "a new low."
Bruce: Well, on the bright side at least you learned that someone actually reads this thing.
Tom: On the plus side I ran with an old Dartmouth teammate who showed me some amazing trails in Ithaca. I had requested a 5-6 mile run and we ended up going an hour. I feel really good nonetheless. I will run a bit shorter tomorrow.
Bruce: So any "dinner dates" tonight that you want to mention?
Tom: [Leaves]

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