Sunday, April 19, 2009


Tom: I am going to take a 3 week break from the blog due to finals and the fact that running over the next few weeks seems unlikely due a persistently nagging knee. I will hopefully be back running strong this summer in Boston and will restart the blog then.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Trading at a Penny

Tom: Not a great day in the market today.
Bruce: Is that comment related to running?
Tom: Sorry, distracted with a side project of becoming the next Jim Cramer.
Bruce: What is your current market value in the running world?
Tom: I am trading at $1.2, that is reflective of how many miles I will run this week.
Bruce: I am shorting you, I am guessing that mileage total will fall.
Tom: That is a bad trade, the knee is hopefully getting better and I will hopefully be trading at $20-$30 in the upcoming weeks.
Bruce: No, I like my trade.
Tom: What price are you offering on the option contract?
Bruce: I am shorting to .1, that leaves room for you stumbling to regain your balance about 5 times in a week.
Tom: I will open this up for option contract bids in the comments below. If anyone still reads the blog.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Bruce: Hey, turn it down for a second, what is that Coldplay?
Tom: Yeah.
Bruce: Why are you listening to Coldplay?
Tom: Keith Kelly wrote on his blog that I should listen to Coldplay.
Bruce: Huh, I guess he must really like Coldplay.
Tom: Yeah, it is a little to pop for my taste, but I figured I would respect his wishes. You know he has an entire blog about music and running.
Bruce: An entire blog about music and the best thing he knows to recommend is Coldplay. Wow I guess he really just follow major record label music.
Tom: You know I discovered a great new band called Bat for Lashes, they are very cool.
Bruce: You should let Keith know about them, he could use a little help with his music choices. Coldplay, unbelievable.
Tom: Well to move to the subject of running, the knee is still not good but optimistic in a few days it will be better. I am keeping to my lifting routine and may jump on the road bike tomorrow if the weather is alright.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New goals

Tom: I am in the process of re-adjusting my expectations, as I have not met a single self-imposed expectation in years.
Bruce: You expect to run? Haven't you been reading this blog?
Tom: Quiet, I need a short term goal to get me through the end of the semester.
Bruce: How about try to run more than Keith in the next few weeks
Tom: Keith is recovery from a stress fracture at the moment.
Bruce: I would still bet on him.
Tom: Thanks
Bruce: What is your current status?
Tom: The outside of my left knee is tight and clicking so I am resting until it feel better.
Bruce: Sounds like a good plan.
Tom: What just rest until things are better?
Bruce: I have nothing to do for the next five years, what the hell, I say wait it out.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Good news, bad news

Tom: Good news, I ran yesterday for 22 minutes and knee and achilles felt better after a few days of rest.
Bruce: Bad news, a successful 22 minute run is something to celebrate.
Tom: Bad news, my knee is still a little tender post run.
Bruce: Good news, you have not tripped over yourself in public for 2 days straight.
Tom: Goods news, I have lifted every other day for close to 2 months now and getting stronger.
Bruce: Bad news, the Animal Flex supplement you bought is something that supplement manufacturers sell to dumb people.
Tom: Good news, I am going to the Girl Talk concert tonight.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Tom: Do you hear that clicking sound?
Bruce: No
Tom: Listen hard.. (Tom walks)
Bruce: Still no
Tom: My knee is clicking a bit.
Bruce: What is that container on your desk?
Tom: Animal Flex, a bodybuilder friend of mine reccomended it to me. It is supposed to really help joint lubrication.
Bruce: And since you have started taking it your knee has started to click.
Tom: Yes
Bruce: Good investment.
Tom: I also bought shares in AIG yesteday, true story.
Bruce: This post speaks for itself.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Balls and Running

Bruce: Great topic choice, are you we talking about your lack thereof today?
Tom: No, I was referring to the Law School Ball I went to last night.
Bruce: Date?
Tom: Lets stick to running. The point was that I was out late and exhausted all day. However, when I was out on my 22 minute run I felt great.
Bruce: When are you going to do a real run?
Tom: I am going to bump things up to 30 minutes runs by the end of the week.
Bruce: You still have not answered my question.
Tom: Patience.