Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I am going to stop reading this blog

Bruce: You look terrible.
Tom: Thanks.
Bruce: No, I am mean you look worse than usual.
Tom: Is that any better than your first comment.
Bruce: My point is that I want you to explain to the readers (i.e. your mom) why you look tired today?
Tom: I had a 4 hour night of sleep followed by a long day of school.
Bruce: So let me guess no running today.
Tom: Today was actually a built in day off just to finish off the problems. Hamstring feels great though left knee got a bit sore again.
Bruce: So what next injury can we the fan base expect to hear made up stories about?
Tom: Not answering that question, but I am going to run 2 days on and build back by the end of the week to 45 minute runs.

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