Saturday, November 15, 2008

Didn't I see you out dancing last night

Tom: The weather in Ithaca was miserable today. I tried to road bike but got a mile out of town before having to turn around due to the rain.
Bruce: How is the recovery from the latest mysterious and likely made-up injury going?
Tom: Actually I was hoping that I would feel a bit better today. I think I will take tomorrow off to be safe. I am still getting a little nervy pain down my right side.
Bruce: Didn't I see you dancing on a window ledge in bar last night around 12:30?
Tom: You were in the bar? Thanks for saying hi.
Bruce: I got a reputation to keep up. Anyways my point is how can you be out dancing when you are not feeling well enough to run.
Tom: I am not sure. I guess I was not thinking about it last night and it felt alright when I was dancing.
Bruce: Maybe you could convince Keith to switch the 5k race to a dance-off.
Tom: Seems unlikely.
Bruce: The two challenges are not too different. In both someone will get physically sick. It is just a matter of whether it will be the contestants or the spectators.

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