Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What are you so dressed up for?

Bruce: Nice suit, what are you interviewing for a job?
Tom: Nope, I am involved in a moot court competition.
Bruce: Is that some kind of class?
Tom: No, you do not get any credit.
Bruce: So do you get paid?
Tom: No, there is a prize if you win but that is unlikely.
Bruce: So the Law School made you do it?
Tom: No, I choose to do it.
Bruce: Congrats I will have to take you out to celebrate.
Tom: Thanks
Bruce: Only the place we will go does not serve drinks and no else really goes there and I am busy that night so I cannot make it .
Tom: So what is the point?
Bruce: Exactly.
Tom: Ahhh... another valuable life lesson. I ran 24 minutes today and my left calf was tight but the beautiful weather made it a nice run.

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