Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Take me back to the start

Tom: So I was back to my old loop today.
Bruce: What loop?
Tom: My one mile loop.
Bruce: You mean that you ran once around your block.
Tom: Yeah, the calf was a bit sore but made it through the run.
Bruce: Congrats, what other failures do you want to share with us today?
Tom: Well first of all the run was a success, but on the subject of failures I was eliminated from my moot court competition today.
Bruce: Were you eliminated via Rose Ceremony.
Tom: No, it went down a lot more like American Idol. Three judges telling me I am hack and me being consoled outside by a beautiful women.
Bruce: That a lie.
Tom: No I really was a hack.
Bruce: Yeah not quite the reference I was referring to.
Tom: Fine, there was no beautiful women, I thought you might let is slide considering I am posting on a running blog how my one mile did not go well.
Bruce: Fair and Balanced.

1 comment:

Erin said...

Since when are American Idol contestants consoled by a beautiful woman? You have an interesting way of looking at Ryan Seacrest, my friend. Perhaps your suspect analogies got in the way at moot court?