Friday, February 13, 2009

A rebuttal

Bruce: Didn't you just say you were too tired to write anymore.
Tom: I did but just read and Keith called out this blog and me personally for being uncool.
Bruce: Do you want me to call INS on him?
Tom: Nah, but we need a strong rebuttal to prove this blog's superiority. He had an interview with Martin Fagan on his blog.
Bruce: So what is the plan?
Tom: We could do a Bruce Hyde interview.
Bruce: Can't be worse than the usual content on this blog
Tom: Alright question 1#: How has your training been going since your last race?
Bruce: That is a stupid question. We are not going to be able to compete with Keith's blog if we talk about running.
Tom: True, alright new question 1# If you and Martin Fagan (weighing in close at close to 140 lbs) jumped out a plane which one of you would reach terminal velocity first?
Bruce: You are an ass.
Tom: Question 2# If you and Martin Fagan were to compete in a battle of the cover bands competition infront of drunk townies who would get more cat calls from the 40 year women?
Bruce: This interview is over.
Tom: I present to you the indomitable Bruce Hyde....This is the greatest blog in the world..... Except for maybe this one....

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Kelrock said...

Thomas, Fagan would easily get more cat calls from 40 year old women..........Miss ya bro!