Friday, February 6, 2009

Patriot Act

Tom: I just got off the phone with my bank who told me that the delay in cashing my check is due to it being investigated pursuant to the Patriot Act.
Bruce: Is the check from a Nigerian prince that is being held captive?
Tom: No, those Nigerian Prince emails are scams. The check I cashed came from a lottery in Antigua that I won. The funny thing is that I do not even entering the lottery, it was a good thing the commissioner sent me an email informing me of my win.
Bruce: Wow, congratulations. Just to be clear, what parts of the story above are made-up?
Tom: Patriot act investigation true, Antigua lottery false.
Bruce: Well at least you got a check even if you do end up it Gitmo.
Tom: Yup, it made my 20 minute run yesterday all that much sweeter. Unfortunately I am so sore from lifting two days ago that I have to take today off lifting. Great 90 minute basketball game as well last night, the body is improving.

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