Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cross training

Tom: So my achilles started giving me problems and I have been doing some cross training.
Bruce: That is a good idea it will make the transition back to 8 minutes runs much easier.
Tom: I am going to ignore that, anyways I have been lifting, dancing in bars, and playing a little basketball.
Bruce: Sounds like an good regime, I think a lot of frat guys follow a similar plan.
Tom: Hmm.. I had not thought of that.
Bruce: Yeah, do not worry, about half of the athletes in Beijing profiled on NBC shared a similar story. Most of them woke up covered in beer and decided to start training. A year later they were competing for gold.
Tom: I am not waking up in beer.
Bruce: There is a liquor store down the street, let's get to work.

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