Monday, February 2, 2009

Vegan Protein Power

Tom: In the spirit of my attempt at becoming more muscular I bought some vegan protein powder.
Bruce: Are you trying to secure a spot on the PETA bodybuilding calender?
Tom: I have been diligently hitting the gym but I think some of the equipment is broken. I was using the assisted pullup machine and I had to add 130 pounds of assistance to do five pullups.
Bruce: So you have the strength of a 30 pound person or as they are commonly referred to toddler.
Tom: Yeah, well this toddler is getting stronger thanks to pure protein power of peas.
Bruce: Funny, I think a lot of toddler use mashed up peas as a source of power.
Tom: Yeah they don't taste great though.
Bruce: Lots of toddler have that problem as well.
Tom: Funny, running is going fine. I ran 17 minutes yesterday and skied three times this weekend.

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