Monday, February 23, 2009

Feeling good

Bruce: Did you see Keith's result at the Ras Ne Hearen?
Tom: Yeah, going to make hard to compete with his blog. I did pass two people on my run today.
Bruce: Were they going the other way?
Tom: Yeah, however, I did manage a 17 minute run without the calf bothering me. The problem should resolve entirely over the course of the next week and I should be back at full strength.
Bruce: Full strength? Overstatement?
Tom: Well, at least doing runs that take longer then the time it takes to boil oatmeal.
Bruce: That is an odd reference, have you been putting oatmeal on to boil before heading out for runs?
Tom: What is wrong with a 8 minute run and hot ready oatmeal at the end.
Bruce: Nothing, I will book the tickets for London in 2012, you start stockpiling oatmeal for the double days.

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