Sunday, April 19, 2009


Tom: I am going to take a 3 week break from the blog due to finals and the fact that running over the next few weeks seems unlikely due a persistently nagging knee. I will hopefully be back running strong this summer in Boston and will restart the blog then.


Owen said...

Worst post ever.

Joe said...

A close second:

Training Philosophy

This is a tough section to write, as my training philosophy
is far from an exact science. However, I have decided to include the few principles
that I have helped guide me through the past couple years.
1. Always keep an open mind: I have learned so much from listening to the running
community whether it be coaches, fellow runners, or just general track nuts.
If something strikes you as a good idea, don't be afraid to give it try, there
is no perfect system to running.

2. Keep the Volume up: No matter what direction one takes one's training, the
volume must be high. Most people are afraid of volume, due to fear of injury
or burnout. Let them be afraid, you will be training (Man am I profound).

3. Know your training: Understand what you are doing, it will make training
more benefical and enjoyable.

More thoughts will come to me..

- shawman

Ed said...

hey tom! nice blog. you still on vacation? let me know if you ever make it out to the bay area. btw, i started running again 10 weeks ago:

if it's not broke, break it said...

3 weeks = 5 months? you're the worst.

Anonymous said...

Has the knee gotten any better?