Saturday, April 11, 2009


Bruce: Hey, turn it down for a second, what is that Coldplay?
Tom: Yeah.
Bruce: Why are you listening to Coldplay?
Tom: Keith Kelly wrote on his blog that I should listen to Coldplay.
Bruce: Huh, I guess he must really like Coldplay.
Tom: Yeah, it is a little to pop for my taste, but I figured I would respect his wishes. You know he has an entire blog about music and running.
Bruce: An entire blog about music and the best thing he knows to recommend is Coldplay. Wow I guess he really just follow major record label music.
Tom: You know I discovered a great new band called Bat for Lashes, they are very cool.
Bruce: You should let Keith know about them, he could use a little help with his music choices. Coldplay, unbelievable.
Tom: Well to move to the subject of running, the knee is still not good but optimistic in a few days it will be better. I am keeping to my lifting routine and may jump on the road bike tomorrow if the weather is alright.

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