Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New goals

Tom: I am in the process of re-adjusting my expectations, as I have not met a single self-imposed expectation in years.
Bruce: You expect to run? Haven't you been reading this blog?
Tom: Quiet, I need a short term goal to get me through the end of the semester.
Bruce: How about try to run more than Keith in the next few weeks
Tom: Keith is recovery from a stress fracture at the moment.
Bruce: I would still bet on him.
Tom: Thanks
Bruce: What is your current status?
Tom: The outside of my left knee is tight and clicking so I am resting until it feel better.
Bruce: Sounds like a good plan.
Tom: What just rest until things are better?
Bruce: I have nothing to do for the next five years, what the hell, I say wait it out.

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