Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Trading at a Penny

Tom: Not a great day in the market today.
Bruce: Is that comment related to running?
Tom: Sorry, distracted with a side project of becoming the next Jim Cramer.
Bruce: What is your current market value in the running world?
Tom: I am trading at $1.2, that is reflective of how many miles I will run this week.
Bruce: I am shorting you, I am guessing that mileage total will fall.
Tom: That is a bad trade, the knee is hopefully getting better and I will hopefully be trading at $20-$30 in the upcoming weeks.
Bruce: No, I like my trade.
Tom: What price are you offering on the option contract?
Bruce: I am shorting to .1, that leaves room for you stumbling to regain your balance about 5 times in a week.
Tom: I will open this up for option contract bids in the comments below. If anyone still reads the blog.

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