Friday, March 20, 2009

The rising

Tom (On phone): Hey, you are live on my blog. Good buzz right now as the health is improving.
Bruce: Tom? Is that you?
Tom: Bruce? I thought I dialed Jilane?
Bruce: Yeah she left my place this morning without her phone.
Tom: What? Listen this is your week off, let me try someone else.
(Tom Dialing)
Tom: Joe, what is going on? You are live on the blog.
Joe: Blog? Is it like your old blog?
Tom: Yeah, just less running.
Joe: So what is the point?
Tom: Well, I am still figuring it out. We are follow the Facebook method, first get good content, then get a subscribership, and then worry about having a bottom line.
Joe: How is that going?
Tom: Well I ran 28 minutes today and my brother's neighbor put a security network on his wireless network so we have still not yet had a hit today.
Tom: Hello? Joe?

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Tarpy said...

is this joe shaw? i remember your dorm separated into kenya and connecticut.

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