Monday, March 16, 2009


Jilane: Wow Tom's blog, finally I have arrived.
Tom: Thanks, just to give you the heads up sarcasm does not read well on the blog, the readers might take you seriously.
Jilane: They know.
Tom: Well being a guest commentator is a bit of an honor when you consider the commentators that proceeded you.
Jilane: George and Bruce? Yeah, two hard acts to follow. This about as hard as the time that I followed Nark at a date auction.
Tom: So now is the time that you are supposed to ask me about my run.
Jilane: Nah, I talked with Bruce and we decided to not talk about your running until he returns as the commentator. The logic is that if we condense all your running from a week into one day it might add up to a real day of training.
Tom: I am not taking Bruce back as a commentator. He wanted too high of an equity stake in the blog.
Jilane: Who are you going to replace him with?
Tom: I outsourced his job to some guy in India who has a serious gambling problem and never has anything nice to say to me. Should be a seamless transition.
Jilane: Cutting his job during a recession. Payback is a bitch.
Tom: It sure is.
Jilane: I have a horrible fungal infection and suck at life.

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Don't Knock the Scarf said...

This is your best blogpost yet. Does this mean Bruce is single?!?!?!?!?!