Friday, March 6, 2009

Blog Tour

Tom: I am taking the blog on a five city tour next week.
Bruce: Which cities?
Tom: Washington, New York, Providence, Boston, Hanover.
Bruce: What is the tour's theme?
Tom: Everything will be fine in 2009.
Bruce: Aren't things buggered at the moment?
Tom: Yeah
Bruce: Worse than it was in 2008?
Tom: Yes.
Bruce: So how about this as a theme instead "It wasn't great in 2008, further decline in 2009."
Tom: Nice theme, on that note I will be having a series of guest speaker on this blog to replace you for a week. As far as running goes, I had a solid 14 minute run today. I ran 8 minutes two days earlier. I am doing a lot of gym work and playing a little basketball.

1 comment:

Jilane said...

I can't wait for an 8-minute run with my former coach.

(Shakes head.)

Let's at least try and beat George at Pong.