Thursday, March 19, 2009


Jilane: Jordan, have you told Tom yet you dumped him?
Jordan: I've been avoiding his calls. I don't return his e-mails. He'll catch on.
Jilane: Yeah, I guess he's used to that sort of treatment by now.
Jordan: Speaking of treatment, how's that fungal infection going?
Jilane: Totally cleared up. Tom had some great first-hand advice. This one time when he was in India...
Jordan: Stop. That's awful. This is why I have a man who's been to jail coaching me instead.
Jilane: Let's face it. Tom's in the wrong sport. Tom should be in billiards.
Jordan: Yo, did he ever acknowledge that whole "liking dudes" comment?
Jilane: Now that you mention it... No. I just assumed it was generally accepted.

Jordan: Hmm. Nice one. Guess he forgot you still have his blog password.
Jilane: Payback really is a bitch.

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