Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bottles and Models

Tom: I felt great on a 21 minute run today after having a big lifting session the day before.
Bruce: Big lifting session, seems unlikely. Remind me again what the heavily assisted pullup regimen is supposed to accomplish?
Tom: I am trying to slowly alter my body composition so as to make me more solid and thereby less prone to injury.
Bruce: How many times a day would you guess that you flex in the mirror to see whether you look muscular?
Tom: That is a ridiculous question.
Bruce: 3 times a day.
Tom: 2 times at most, sometimes only 1. There is a small part of me that is lifting to get ready for my future bottles and models lifestyle.
Bruce: Bottles and models lifestyle? Will that year coincide with the year that you run a 13:00 5k.
Tom: They seem a bit mutually exclusive.
Bruce: I think they would be better defined as mutually delusional. But I guess you never know, a 20 minute run and a 60 pound pullup, the start of two dreams destined for...
Tom: Alright, you are done.

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