Wednesday, January 21, 2009

When it doubt eat truffles.

Tom: So I feel very good having a plan, once again.
Bruce: Well, your plans do have a habit of working out well. It should be a good race between you and Keith this weekend.
Tom: Funny, I am serious though. There was a day over the break when I without a plan and I was thinking about exercising and just decided that there was no real point. It was about 10am and I decided just to eat truffles instead.
Bruce: So is the current plan to try restrain from eating truffles until at least 10:30am.
Tom: No, I am running every other day and started at 6 minutes. I so far have done 6, 6, 9 minute runs. I also biked yesterday for 35 minutes, played some basketball last night, and lifted two nights ago. I am going to start lifting a bit with both my upper and lower body to try to get a little more muscular, a little more testosterone-driven.
Bruce: How is that going so far?
Tom: Right now I can barely use my right shoulder as it is so sore.
Bruce: I will get the truffles ready.

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