Sunday, January 4, 2009

Question: 2009 Comeback? Answer: Wobblehead

Bruce: What does wobblehead mean?
Tom: It is an Indian concept. When you ask local a question in India, they answer by wobbling their head.
Bruce: What does the wobble mean?
Tom: I can mean either yes, no, I understand, or you are confusing me.
Bruce: That is useless.
Tom: Hence the answer to question whether a 2009 comeback will happen is a wobblehead. Yes, no, I understand, I am confused. What do you think?
Bruce: I think no.
Tom: You could have at least done the wobblehead.
Bruce: No, I am quite sure in my previous answer.
Tom: I am re-starting running back in Boston in two days when I return after a few weeks off.

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