Saturday, January 17, 2009

State of the Union Address

Bruce: Is this going to be long?
Tom: Well we have about a week of training to catch up on.
Bruce: No problem we should be able to bang this out in a few moments. Have you run this week?
Tom: No.
Bruce: Great, to summarize the union is still completely bankrupt, tune in next month to hear more of the same.
Tom: Sit down. To give a more detailed summary, I got back from India and after two weeks off I tried to start running again only to have my calf re-tighten within 2 days. I had the same problem this summer and it lasted 3 months. I decided to take 10 days off, get some physio, and do some cross country skiing. I ran for 7 minutes today and things felt alright but a little tight following the run.
Bruce: Riveting stuff, so what can we expect in ensuing weeks? A 8 minute run perhaps?
Tom: I am going to build painstaking slowly back to 20 minutes runs and take it from there.

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