Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Walking into mirrors

Tom: I walked into a mirror today.
Bruce: Excuse me?
Tom: Yup walked right into a mirror mounted on the wall.
Bruce: On purpose?
Tom: No, I thought it was a hallway when really it was just the reflection of the hallway I had just walked down.
Bruce: Wow.
Tom: It actually works well as analogy for my running at the moment.
Bruce: Can we just stick to the you being an idiot analysis.
Tom: No think about it, I keep getting a bit excited that I see a long hallway in front of me that is going to lead somewhere exciting with my running. Then I get excited and walk right towards it. The more excited I am about the possibility of where this attempt at running will take me the faster I go and the more it hurts when it turns out to just be a mirror. I keep running because I think I see a hallway that goes somewhere and really the opportunity that I think I see is behind me. No matter how many times or how hard that I run at the mirror, the result will be a sore body and being back at where I started.
Bruce: Well maybe I have a solution to this problem.
Tom: What is that?
Bruce: Nah, I got nothing
Tom: Ran 23 minutes, my calf on my right side is so sore but have two exams in the next two days and flying to India two hours after the second exam so probably will not even bother for the next few days.

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