Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pain in the back

Tom: I could not find Bruce. However, I am taking tommorow off. A timeline:
7:50 am- Wake up incredibly optimistic after a great 45 minute run the day before.
8:05 am- Lower back is a little sore, worried about recreating the sore back/hamstring problem of two weeks ago.
9:30 am- I start the massaging my back and my hamstring during class.
9:32 am- People start to stare wondering whether all the rubbing is due to me having some sort of fungal infection.
9:34 am- Fungal infection theory confirmed by one of my friends (no longer a friend)
2:15 pm- Get out of class and start talking to myself trying to decide whether my not too sore back merits a day off.
2:17 pm: People start to ask former friend whether his friend with the fungal infection suffers from some kind of mental disorder.
2:45 pm: I decide to take the day off.
2:47 pm: I leave to go for my run.
3:20 pm: Have a miserable run since too concerned about my back/ hamstring which seems to be alright.
4:00 pm: Still feel fine.
9:00 pm: Right side just generally tight stemming from back, wondering what is wrong with Tom McArdle.

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- Tom Davis said...

How severe are these "pains" you get? Are they so bad that you simply cannot get back to running 100+ miles per week?