Saturday, December 6, 2008

A new plan

Tom: So I have been a bit lost for the past few days.
Bruce: Haven't you been in your cubicle for the past days studying?
Tom: Yes.
Bruce: So you have been getting lost going to the place that you have worked at for the past 3 months?
Tom: Not literally lost, metaphorically lost.
Bruce: Oh, so you mean that you have been finding your way to your desk but cannot think of how to spin the fact that you are huge loser who spends all his time in a three foot cubicle.
Tom: Will you just listen to the plan. One more day off to get rid of whatever weird inflammation is going on. Then I will run 20 minutes every other day until it loosens up. I had the same problem in Colorado and I remember that running lightly on it seemed to help.

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