Friday, December 5, 2008


Tom: I am confused about what to do.
Bruce: You should definitely abandon this blog.
Tom: That is not what I am confused about, I am keeping the blog.
Bruce: Why?
Tom: To allow people to watch the comeback happen from the beginning.
Bruce: So what are you confused about?
Tom: Whether I should run.
Bruce: Seems like that might help the comeback.
Tom: True.
Bruce: How was the run today?
Tom: I ran with a guy from Law School and had a really good chat over the course of a 43 minute run. But my right side is still a bit out of whack and my hamstring is sore and tight afterwards, which left me in a bad mood for a few hours and detracted from studying.
Bruce: So you are trying to figure out whether you want to run tomorrow and get really injured sooner or wait a few days start running again and delay the massive injury for another few weeks?
Tom: Exactly.
Bruce: Well I could save you some time and just kick you in the groin now instead.

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